Powerdot teams up with Chargemap: Exclusive 10% discount to Celebrate the launch of “Remote Charge”



Powerdot, the leading charging point operator in Europe, proudly joins hands with Chargemap to commemorate the launch of the much-anticipated “Remote Charge” feature: charge an electric car via the Chargemap mobile app. From September 9th to the 15th, every Chargemap user can avail of an exclusive 10% discount at all Powerdot charging stations.

Remote Charge is Chargemap’s innovative addition, offering users the ease and convenience to start, track live, and pay for charging sessions directly via their app at charging stations.This integration creates an era of seamless EV charging experiences, minimizing transactional hassles and elevating user convenience.

Recognized as an essential tool for EV enthusiasts, Chargemap’s platform offers an expansive mapping of charging points, complete with real-time user reviews. This special promotion aims to bring attention to the merging of two industry leaders and their relentless drive to shape the future of EV charging.

“Powerdot has always believed in the power of technology and collaboration to enhance the EV charging landscape,” comments Luís Santiago Pinto, CEO and Co-founder at Powerdot. “We believe that Remote Charge will contribute greatly to a seamless charging experience, so we wanted to celebrate this important milestone with Chargemap users.”

“Chargemap is thrilled to introduce this new feature for charging via the mobile app. With this innovation, we are ensuring a hassle-free and improved charging experience for EV drivers,” comments Yoann Nussbaumer, CEO and Founder at Chargemap. “We are delighted that Powerdot is compatible with this new feature, meeting the rigorous technical standards we have set for it. Together, we are further enhancing our commitment to providing the best charging solutions for electric vehicle drivers.”

The best part? There’s nothing users need to do to redeem this discount. Every charging session initiated through Chargemap at Powerdot stations will see the 10% discount automatically applied during the promotion period.

About Powerdot

Powerdot is a leading charging point operator in Europe with a mission to accelerate sustainable mobility. Focusing on destination charging, the company provides charging solutions for electric vehicles in retail spaces, making it easier for people to switch to electric cars and contributing to a more sustainable future. With these partnerships, Powerdot provides charging solutions for EV users where they naturally spend their time. It makes charging an EV as convenient as charging a smartphone – without detours, planning, or wasted time. Powerdot operates across France, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and Poland, employing more than 140 people. Currently has over 3,500 operational charging points and deploying more than 8,000 across Europe.

About Chargemap

Leading the pack in charging solutions for the EVs, Chargemap is the benchmark platform for locating charging points and providing payment services at charging stations and has been adopted by over 1.7 million e-drivers in Europe. Its mission is to offer EV drivers the very best charging experience possible.

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