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As more and more customers switch to electric cars, offering a convenient and reliable charging station can be a competitive differentiator for your hotel. This is where Powerdot comes into play.

1. Our successful partnerships

We have experience with large hotel chains

Partnering with Powerdot is an excellent choice for hotels looking to provide their guests with a convenient and reliable EV charging solution. We have longstanding partnerships with some of the most reputable hotels in the industry as Accor, Ibis, and Melia. Our proven track record with top-rated hotels ensures that you can trust us to provide a reliable and seamless experience for your EV owner guests.

With Powerdot, hotels can enjoy an uncomplicated and effortless way to enhance their guests’ experience, while also contributing to a cleaner (and greener) future.

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2. Increase your bookings

Meet customer needs with EV charging solutions

Powerdot’s charging stations can be specifically designed for the hospitality industry’s necessities. With our charging solutions, hotel guests can recharge their electric vehicles while they rest, dine, or attend a conference, ensuring they have enough power to reach their next destination.

More and more people are buying electric cars, and as they plan their trips, they often look for hotels that offer charging stations. By offering a charging station, your business can attract these customers and increase bookings.

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3. Generate additional revenue

Another source of income for your business

Offering charging solutions for EV drivers can generate additional revenue for hotels. Many EV drivers are willing to pay for convenient and reliable charging options while travelling, and Powerdot transfers a percentage of the profit of the charging stations. This can provide an additional source of income for hotels, while also attracting and retaining EV-driving guests who are more likely to choose accommodations that offer charging solutions.

Additionally, offering charging solutions can help hotels differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to environmentally conscious travellers who prioritize sustainable travel options.

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4. Stand out from the crowd

Strong competitive edge for your business

To remain competitive in an area where some hotels are already offering EV charging stations, your business needs to stay in the game and have an attractive offer. Providing charging solutions for EV drivers can attract a new segment of customers who prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainable travel options. This can lead to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Secondly, it can improve the hotel’s brand image and reputation as a socially responsible business. By offering charging solutions, hotels can stay ahead of the curve in terms of industry trends and customer demands. Finally, it can help hotels to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Koncepcja “Destination Charging”: Jak właściciele pojazdów elektrycznych i przedsiębiorcy mogą skorzystać z tego rozwiązania

5. Get the most out of your car park

Your best partner for electric mobility

Powerdot offers a hassle-free EV charging solution for businesses by investing 100% of the installation cost and looking after the operation and maintenance. This partnership can help your business to generate a new revenue stream and capitalise on your existing parking locations. Additionally, Powerdot’s monitoring software provides insights into how and when customers charge their EVs, peak times, your monetary income from the chargers, CO2 savings, and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract and retain EV customers.

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