Powerdot joins the Plugsurfing Preferred Operator feature launch with a 10% Discount in all sessions

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In a world where electric vehicle (EV) charging networks continue to expand, finding your preferred charge point operators efficiently is a game-changer. Plugsurfing, a leading name in the EV charging landscape, has made this task easier by introducing its latest feature – the Preferred Operator. This innovative addition allows users to select and prioritize their favorite charge point operators seamlessly, enhancing the overall EV driving experience.

Plugsurfing understands the importance of a smooth charging experience, so they have developed the Preferred Operator feature. This ensures that users can confidently select their preferred operators from a list carefully chosen by Plugsurfing, guaranteeing a positive and reliable charging session.

To celebrate the launch, Powerdot, one of the trusted charge point operators, is offering Plugsurfing users an exclusive 10 percent discount on their charging sessions during the holiday season. Starting December 15th and lasting two weeks, Plugsurfing users will automatically enjoy discounted rates at Powerdot stations within the app, spreading holiday cheer for EV enthusiasts.

Plugsurfing believes in inclusivity, and with the introduction of the Preferred Operator feature, users of the white-label apps powered by Plugsurfing will also benefit from this enhancement. This ensures that a broader audience can enjoy the convenience of selecting and prioritizing their preferred charge point operators.

The holiday promotion doesn’t end there. Users of Nissan/JLR charging can also partake in the festive spirit, enjoying the exclusive 10 percent discount at Powerdot stations. This collaboration between Plugsurfing and Powerdot reflects a commitment to providing valuable benefits to the EV community.

Afonso Ramos, Chief Product Officer at Powerdot, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At Powerdot, we design our charging solutions to complement EV users’ daily lives. With the Preferred Operator feature, users can find their next Powerdot charging session effortlessly wherever and whenever needed.”

Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing, highlighted the user-centric focus behind the Preferred Operator feature, stating, “We’ve heard from our users that they’d like the ability to highlight their favorite CPOs within our app, so we’re excited to be launching this feature together with Powerdot this holiday season.”

As the Preferred Operator feature becomes active in the latest version of the Plugsurfing app, EV drivers can look forward to a more personalized and efficient charging experience. With the added holiday promotion from Powerdot, this season brings joy and practical benefits to the growing community of electric vehicle enthusiasts. Plugsurfing continues to pave the way for a more connected and user-friendly EV charging landscape.

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