Success Stories

Centro Comercial Imaginalia – Albacete, Spain

Solutions: Kempower C-Series 150 + 3x S-Series Double in DC + 2 ultra-fast chargers (100 and 150 kW) iCharging – Blueberry Plus

Centro Comercial Imaginalia, Albacete

Opened in 2006, the Imaginalia Shopping Center is the largest shopping center in Albacete and Castilla-La Mancha, and one of the benchmarks in the province for its wide range of shops, restaurants, and leisure. It houses important brands such as Alcampo, Media Markt, Norauto, Jysk, Cine Yelmo, among others.

Located at the gates of the city, it is a strategic point to offer an ultra-fast charging solution to drivers going to or coming from Madrid and other cities in northern Spain.

In 2023 we expanded our operation in the establishment and installed 6 more charging points.

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